Posted by: kathandroger | February 5, 2012

Boulanger battles through the snow!

We are lucky enough to have a daily bread delivery from a local boulangerie in nearby Descartes – there is nothing quite like a fresh baguette or pain with your cheese or pate for lunch! In the 20 ish months that we have been here, we have never failed to have a delivery whatever the weather. But when we looked out of the window this morning and saw a thick covering of snow and still heavy snowfall, we assumed this would be the first. We usually go to the market in Descartes on a Sunday and meet up with friends in the cafe, so decided we wouldn’t break our habit this morning, though would walk the 6 or so kilometers up and over the hill and through the woods. It was bracing, but a beautiful walk. On our arrival we spotted the boulangerie van parked up, which confirmed our earlier thought. But no! Standing on the corner was the lady who drives the van, with a a big sack of bread. She explained that she had returned for extra supplies and was just on her way to Maziere (our hamlet) and was waiting for the ‘snow vehicle’. Oh, how sensible, a 4×4, we thought. Then we saw the battered old Renault Express pull up for Madame to get in and slither up the road to our place to deliver our bread! That’s dedication for you!

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