Posted by: kathandroger | February 3, 2012

Arctic workers

As Roger would say, it is most definitely ‘taters in the mould’ this week! A friend reported his overnight thermometer had recorded -19 degrees C. Chez nous it was more like -10, but that is quite cold enough for me. The daytime temp is struggling to get above -6 …hence our arctic workwear….

Seems a far cry from the picture below…

We’ve been hoping for a cold spell for a little while, but that’s probably enough now – roll on spring!

Actually, the picture of Roger the handyman, taken back in the autumn was our first day of plasterboarding in the second gite. Today was our final day (we hope) as the staircase has been put in this week (well, almost)…

The plasterers are coming next week to plaster the joints in the plasterboard, so it will be ready to paint and tile. Speaking of which, the painting and tiling in Gite A has moved on apace this week despite the winter chill. We have a few heaters and the insulation appears to be doing its job! When I was young, for some reason I wanted to live in Greenland. Thank goodness I saw the light and moved to France!


  1. I think you’ve a problem with your stairs. [Or are they surprise stairs?]
    I must apologise for the weather, I had intended to come and cut some of those Acaia poles this week or next… not when it is this frozen though! Meteociel are showing -19°C next week.

  2. Yes – we’re rather hoping for a few more steps on Monday!
    We took advantage of Roger’s son being over the other week to get him to cut down a good pile of the Acacia poles, so it will probably just be a case of collecting them. -19 sounds a bit chilly!

    • It has now changed [again]… won’t get below -12°C now, thank goodness. How’s thye livestock coping in this lovely weather… we’ve had about 12cm of snow here… fine powdered stuff. It’s got all over things IN the barn!!… more damp boxes, more sagging piles! [Of boxes….]

  3. Your joint handy work just continues to get more impressive. Greenland’s loss.
    Hope to see you both sometime in the Spring – very busy in the UK unfortunatly.

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