Posted by: kathandroger | January 31, 2012

Old jokes, new dances.

We went to another of our dancing club do’s on Saturday. It was a bit slow with lousy music, but the food was, as usual, excellent, and our dancing has progressed to a basic quickstep. The “prof”, our instructor, is adamant that we English should find it simple, as it is much easier to say “slow, slow, quick quick slow than  “lente, lente, vite vite lente. Now I can’t talk and dance at the best of times, so the only thing that went “slow” was my progress. Never mind, Kath’s lower leg injuries will heal in time. The evening was also distinguished by a feeling of deja vu. Last year we had little turns of singing and joke telling by club members, and we were keen to hear this years offerings. Sure enough, Michel of black pudding fame gave a rendering of his usual songs, to be followed by Gerard with his usual song, and then three of the ladies got up in turn to tell their usual jokes!! Even I can understand the punch lines now, but they all seemed to get the same laughs, so we guess it is yet another French peculiarity that all party pieces must be repeated at regular intervals!

Well winter is here at last. When we arrived at St Remy, we were told that snow is a rarity. This is our third year and the third year of snow! Very pretty but enough to freeze the boules off a singe de cuivre.

The building work is going well. The trouble and strife is busily painting upstairs, and the floor tiling is going well now that I have sussed out how to grout rapidly. Only another couple of hectares of floor to do now. The placo is now all but finished and I am onto my eleventh box of a thousand screws. As an old chum remarked ” you haven’t done as much screwing since medical school”!!

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