Posted by: kathandroger | January 28, 2012

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Roger has taken to tiling like a duck to water. To be fair, he has learned it all himself, largely with the aid of YouTube, which is proving extremely useful to help us learn new skills. Here he is in action in one of the bedrooms…

He started in the ‘low risk’ areas, so the downstairs loo, wash basin and under the stairs cupboard are now complete…

Meanwhile, my painting duties continue. After trying several french paints (and seeing some of the prices!), I have to confess to having ordered 90 litres from a UK company that specialises in shipping paint to Brits in France – and have saved several hundred Euros into the bargain. I can’t really work out a) why French paint is so expensive and b) why it is so rubbish. They may be good at many things, but paint is certainly not a french forte! Anyway, I’ve taken a break from the walls and ceilings to tackle the shutters…

Can’t wait to get back to the walls and ceilings! The only worry for the coming week is that winter is finally going to arrive. Sub-zero temperatures are not ideal for painting or tiling….


  1. So, who’s the UK paint company?

    • It is an outfit called ‘Keep it Simple’ – Prices are good, service good too. A joy not to have to paint a ceiling 4 times!
      Did you watch the Boro on Sunday? It was on French tele. They did a cultural intro to the Boro and S’land beforehand…guess how long that lasted?!
      Missing you both.

  2. That tiling trowel looks suspiciously clean – you sure its you doing the work…?? Can’t be easy on the knees…

    what’s the cycling like around the local area… we’re usually in the Pyrenees which of course is far too difficult for me and my new pastime/passion… but great for watching Le Tour come by…..

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