Posted by: kathandroger | January 22, 2012

Winter garden

Like most people, gardening (of the vegetable variety) takes a bit of a back seat at this time of year. The garden certainly isn’t looking at its best! Nonetheless, it is still pretty productive. Unlike the locals, we tend to keep most things in the ground over winter. The potatoes were picked, bagged and stored many months ago, as were the onions, but our carrots, beetroot etc seem to do just as well in the ground than stored elsewhere. Here’s the selection I picked this afternoon…










Now we have overeaten a little over recent weeks with Christmas, visitors and all that, so Roger is going to be subjected to a diet of vegetable soups and stews over coming weeks. Given the large quantity of Jerusalem artichokes we have and knowing the adverse gaseous effects they produce, it may be worth steering clear of La Belardiere for a little while! Speaking of the artichokes, the bowl at the top of the picture contains just one root – reckon we’ve got about 50!!

On the subject of eating, we are finally getting the hang of when dinner is served around here. We were out at the local carp fishing society dinner last night (!) with some friends, which was a ‘choucroute’ evening. Having been last year we knew we wouldn’t be fed early and so had a good snack before leaving home. We were kindly invited by friends to an ‘apero’ beforehand, and again took advantage of a  little ‘casse croute’. Good job too – dinner was served at, cheese around 1am and the pud made an appearance just before 2! We certainly weren’t peckish by the time we eventually got to bed…


  1. I know hat you mean about eating time, when Julie and I went to the first school event we left at 4am!

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