Posted by: kathandroger | January 18, 2012

Daffodils and rain gauges

What is going on with the weather this year? We ate outside in mid-December, my winter cycling top had its first outing of the winter only today…and there’s a daffodil in the neighbours’ garden…










All the talk in gardening circles is the very poor year ahead if we don’t get a bit of a cold snap soon. We did have a couple of chilly days, but just not enough to kill off all the bugs and give the plants a winter break. The big worry is that the blossom will come early, then we’ll have a late frost and we can say goodbye to our fruit crop for the year. Let’s hope not!

At least I’ve managed to put a stop to the rain. On our cycle rides the talk is often about gardens and the amount of rain that has fallen (and who said it was the Brits who are obsessed by the weather!). I always feel a bit sorry for Roger, because we don’t have a rain gauge and he can’t join in with his ‘well we had 11 mms! So I bought him one for Christmas and 2 weeks since it was installed…still not a drop recorded!

The mild weather has, however, been great for our new grass – and now the terrace is finished too it is starting to look something like somewhere to sit out and enjoy a balmy summers evening. Now there’s something to look forward to…




  1. Seems you’ve collected about as much rainwater as the Boro has points over the last few weeks. Glad to hear, however, that the garden continues to be productive.

  2. Yep, you’re right about the Boro. The old post Christmas slump I fear. Who wants to be in the Prem anyway?!

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