Posted by: kathandroger | January 8, 2012

Bonne Annee….

Greeting people in France takes a bit of time. We have to arrive at our dance class a bit early as there are usually around 50 people there and all have to be kissed – at least twice! At this time of year it takes even longer as in addition to the kissing, everyone had to be wished ‘Bonne Annee’, ‘Bonne Sante’ and ‘Meilleur Voeux’. All 3 seem to be required on each occasion! The other thing that comes around at this time of year is the old Galette des Rois, that we wrote about last year: We only got back from Blighty on Thursday morning so have yet to experience our first of the year…but it won’t be long!

Our livestock seem to have flourished in our absence. Thanks to neighbours Steve, Sara, Sophie and Matt the goats are looking well fed and content and the chickens have been on their annual gastronomic holiday with Gilles and Claude in the village. When we went to pick them up Claude invited us round for a new year drink. She apologised for not having had time to prepare much, but as Gilles pulled out wine after wine, Claude emerged from the kitchen with numerous beautifully presented and mouth-wateringly delicious canapes. I strongly suspect the chickens have been enjoying a similar standard of scraps!

Our barn conversion work moves onto a new phase with the arrival of the new year. The construction phase is just about over and it is henceforth all about decorating and flooring. I’m the painter, armed with new rollers and brushes and Roger is the ‘carreleur’ or tiler, ready and waiting for the delivery of hundreds of tiles tomorrow. We are planning to be ready and open for business in May, so as well as the physical work, there’s the website and the marketing to get going…a different and exciting challenge for 2012 to which we’re very much looking forward.

We wish all our blog-followers a very happy, healthy and satisfying 2012!



  1. ‘Bonne Annee’, ‘Bonne Sante’ and ‘Meilleur Voeux’!

  2. …and the same to you!!

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