Posted by: kathandroger | January 8, 2012

Becks and Bucks.

We are still trying to get to grips with the French media. What is considered important in the UK seems to differ to the preference here, but I’m not sure which is the more apposite. A few days ago the news headlines began with a piece about David Beckham and whether he was coming to play footie in the French league, and how his family would love the ambiance of Paris. Who cares? I like footie, but an old boy like Becks and his piggy featured missus hardly merits the headlines in my book, despite all his well earned bucks. But then I’m just an old fart.

And talking of bucks, we had a sad experience the other day. On leaving the house we saw a magnificent  stag, crossing the road next to our house. He had come from the nearby woods and was making his way up the hill over a sticky newly ploughed field, obviously exhausted, and had difficulty in picking his feet up. We hoped he would join our goats in our field. Later that day we were chatting to a farmer neighbour who told us that the hunt had caught it a couple of fields away and it had been slaughtered. I have hunted in the UK, and seen what happens to the fox, but we were both sad to learn of the demise of such a lovely looking animal.


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