Posted by: kathandroger | December 18, 2011

Storms and stairs

Only last week Roger was bragging about how wonderful our weather was. Well that seems to have put the mockers on things – ever since then it has been fairly miserable. Then on Thursday night things turned into a full blown storm. Evylene on the tele had been warning us for several days, but that didn’t prevent us from not closing windows properly (in the new gite – water everywhere!), not closing our shutters (water driven in by the wind through the gaps in the windows) or forgetting about our poor old greenhouse…

In fact this is not the first time the poor old greenhouse has been subjected to a bit of a battering. Here’s the poor thing back in Feb ’10 following the storm Xynthia.

We managed to patch it up with tape then, but I’m afraid it may well have had its day!

On a more positive note, both our barns are looking distinctly house-like. Infact the stairs main came this week and so we are no longer obliged to climb the ladder to get upstairs!

And we’ve been busy bees in the second barn – we’ve put up virtually all the ‘cloisons’ this week – so we’ve got rooms!

The flooring is ordered ready for January and my paint brush is at the ready. The end is in sight… (even if it still seems a little bit in the distance!).


  1. People who keep greenhouses shouldn’t throw storms.
    Have a terrific Christmas.
    Jim & Sandra

    • Oh we do miss that razor sharp wit! Have a good one yourself and hope to see you both in the not too distant future! (ps have turned down a season ticket loan for the Boxing Day match at the Boro…what a lightweight, eh?)

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