Posted by: kathandroger | December 14, 2011

Skinny Magpies for Christmas.

We are going to our dancing club Christmas dinner tomorrow evening. As usual, the food is provided by the members, each asked to produce a dish for a particular course. Kath has been asked to produce a pudding. Now she has a reputation to upkeep. Her legendary bread and butter pudding has been lauded by all and sundry, and is universally known in the club as “le pudding”, with requests for the recipe being widely distributed. But she is not satisfied with singular success, and instead wanted to produce another English classic for the French to salivate over. What better and topical than a plate of fresh mince pies?

She has been busy with various recipes for the mince and has produced a lovely concoction of various fruits. The quantities have proved a little tricky, however, as we have enough to make several hundred pies. The first batch have been well tested by the author, and really are very tasty.

The only problem is that Kath’s little labels denoting “mince pies”, translates into French as “skinny magpies”-it will be interesting to see how much enthusiasm our contribution makes!

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