Posted by: kathandroger | December 12, 2011

A weekend of song and dance

We may live in the back of beyond, but there always seems to be something interesting going on – and in the most unexpected places. Yesterday it was the Christmas market at Ferriere Larcon, a pretty little village about half an hour away. The locals go to an enormous amount of trouble to dress up the village and around 60 stallholders set up shop in and around the beautiful church.










It is perfect for picking up Christmas pressies – and then there is the food of course; foie gras in abundance, local wines, cheese etc etc. And not to forget, a warming glass of vin chaud!

But the reason we actually went was because there was a concert afterwards at the little village theatre. Now this place is something really special…









As you can see, it is basically a regular little village house that you enter down the garden path. Inside, there is a little balcony, with about 20 seats and a downstairs seating some 80 people (just!). In fact we were among the last to arrive and the garden chairs were set out just inside the door for us! We had no idea who or what we were going to see – we’d just heard there was a concert. In the event it turned out to be a well known satirical singer songwriter called Marc Havet who has his own little theatre in Paris called Le Magique. Anyway, he was fabulous. Often we foreign types have problems with the clever lyricists, but either our French is improving or he was particularly clear! The Petit Theatre de Balcons has recently been saved from closure (health and safety inspectors descended!), and hopefully will go from strength to strength.

On Saturday we went off to the big city – Tours – for a slightly more glitzy evening. Our dance teacher has a studio in Tours and it was their Christmas bash, so we country bumpkins headed north. The first four hours or so of the evening was a mix of eating and dance demonstrations. The standard it has to be said was a touch above our usual. In fact there were even ‘Champions de France’ who were quite stunning. A great show, but then after midnight it was our turn to take the floor… better keep the lessons going I think!


  1. Will we be seeing you on Strictly (or the French equivalent) anytime soon?

  2. Only in our dreams I’m afraid! We can just about get by at the local village hall dos, but that is the limit of our aspirations….for now!

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