Posted by: kathandroger | December 11, 2011

Sarko – the comeback kid?

Not so long ago Sarkozy seemed destined to follow in the footsteps of Giscard D’estaing and be defeated by a Socialist after just one term in office. In fact at one point it seemed that he might not even make it to the second round as he slipped behind Marine Le Pen, new leader of the Front National. But a lot has happened since then. Of course, Carla has had a baby, never a bad thing for a leader in the run up to an election. The Socialists have started to make mistakes – disagreements with the eccentric Green candidate, accusations of financial misdemeanours in the Nord – and their candidate, Francois Hollande just seems to lack that little bit of charisma needed to inspire the country.

And then, of course, our Nicolas has made special friends with Mme Merkel and together they have saved Europe! Sarko still hasn’t declared his intention to stand in next year’s presidentials, but he has quite clearly started his campaign, positioning himself has a leader on the world stage, with authority, who has the experience to lead the nation through these times of unprecedented economic difficulties. He’s been on the tele a couple of times of late, speaking to (or lecturing to?) the nation, once with his best mate, Barack, trying to create the perception that he is critical to France’s survival. And he appears to be succeeding. Once he was trailing the Socialists by 20 percentage points in the polls, now it is down to a handful of points, close enough for anything to happen. If I had to put my money anywhere, as it stands right now I’d probably go for Sarko by a short head…. On verra bien, as they say in these parts.

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