Posted by: kathandroger | November 30, 2011

Old stone.

I was cussing the loss of our laser a couple of days ago-the sparky has reclaimed it for his own work-and our gas powered gas gun has run out of gas. How can we manage without these essential tools?

But then I thought about how things were a few years ago. Well actually about 100,000 years ago.

Our area here has been lived in since the Stone age, and especially on the other side of the Creuse a few miles away, there have been lots of stone age dwellings found and excavated. Indeed there is a splendid museum at Grand Pressigny showing ancient tools and lifestyle. The main attraction at that time for the area is the flint stones which are particularly suitable for splitting to make tools-napping to afficionados. The flint can be napped to provide very sharp edges which can be made into knives and arrowheads etc. (but not gas guns I’m afraid).

Anyway, we were visiting Francis the Friendly Farmer a couple of weeks ago and he gave me this lovely  flint which I admired in his garden. Apparently in came from a pile of stones in Abilly on the farm he was working on. You can see the long blade chips uppermost and the smaller, probable arrowhead chips on the side. The stone is about 25cms long, and I like to think of the stone age craftsman using his tools to perhaps build a dwelling -somewhat different from ours however!


  1. Do you want to borrow our laser level? I’m not using at the moment.

  2. A further comment…. Pauline and I have been looking at that flint and, whilst it was originally a core from blade making, it does look as though it had since been sharpened along the two edges.

    • Thanks Tim.. The stone is actually quite large and probably weighs a couple of kilos, so I am not sure it would itself be a tool-although on reflection it would be good for chopping. You are welcome to look any time you want.

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