Posted by: kathandroger | November 20, 2011

Luxury goat accommodation

It’s 3 weeks now since our sheep departed, leaving our two goats – Moins Dix and Tittie – to enjoy the freedom of the field, food and shelter. They certainly didn’t seem too sad to see their woolly friends leave and now treat the place as if it their own. Roger seems to have gone a bit soft on them and this afternoon decided their accommodation (which they rarely use!) needed upgrading. So off he went to reinforce the sides and roof and line both (yes, they have a shelter each – spoilt or what?) with straw. Here they are, I have to say more interested in food than his efforts …

After our walk this evening we popped by to see how they were enjoying the luxury… No sign of them, unfortunately. I think they headed up to spend the night in the wood. That’s gratitude for you!

On other fronts it’s been a busy week – and I’ve even been on the tele! Andy Warhol talked of 15 minutes fame; I’m afraid mine wasn’t even 15 seconds – but I was on the tele (France 3) and people actually saw me. It was quite the talk of the market in Descartes this morning! It has been the week of the registrations for the Restos du Coeur and France 3 came on Tuesday to run a piece on this year’s campaign. Just so happened they picked on me to show someone registering a couple… Someone suggested this morning that I should give Max Clifford a ring, but I might try and get a few seconds more experience first!


  1. Roger
    We send you both our good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
    Congratulations on all the hard work!!


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