Posted by: kathandroger | November 19, 2011

Strictly a la francaise

I can’t believe I’m writing about Strictly Come Dancing, but then having just spent my Saturday night watching the final it seems to merit a mention. It is the same format as the UK, although it is called Danse avec les Stars, but there are certainly a few ‘cultural’ differences.When we arrived in France we started our dance lessons and were invited left right and centre to dances. The french seemed so much into dancing were were surprised to receive blank looks when we started talking about ‘Strictly’ which is now a national institution in the UK. That situation was rectified last year when the show made its first appearance.

The first notable difference is the lack of pantomime characters. No Anne Widdecombe or Russel Grant here – they are all fit, attractive and reasonable dancers from the start. The final tonight starred an R&B singer (who won), a male model/singer and an olympic champion ice skater. The french like quality, good looks and class – there isn’t the same underdog culture.  The other thing is the duration of the programme. It started at 20.45 and it is still going (23.25) and that is the same each week – but it only lasts 6 weeks. Most things seem to be like that (eg the likes of Masterchef). No quick dip in and out – a bit like eating…it has depth, lots of courses and takes time, rather than fast food snacks. And there’s no ‘Brucie’ character. There’s some smooth, good looking bloke, who quite frankly isn’t a patch on the old fella. Not sure the ‘Brucie’ type would go down here though.

Whatever, it is good entertainment. Sadly David Ginola wasn’t in it this year, but for we ballroom aficionados (!?) the dancing was ‘top’, as they say in these parts!

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