Posted by: kathandroger | November 9, 2011

Spring day in November

This afternoon was our weekly cycle ride with the club. What a beautiful day! As we meandered through the lanes of South Touraine, from village to village, it felt like a spring day. Still in our shorts and short-sleeved jerseys, the sunshine was warm and the sky blue. The fields have been ploughed and planted up with winter wheat, barley, grass and rape and the crops are already well established. It certainly didn’t feel like the November days I remember!

Back at home, things are moving along nicely. The plasterers arrived on Monday to ‘faire les bandes’, or plaster the joins between the plasterboards we have put up. It would appear that there were one or two imperfections in our work (!), but they’ve done a fabulous job in covering up the cracks…

There have been 4 of them and they are professionals, but we thought there would be a good 2-3 weeks work – they will be finished tomorrow after just 4 days. Mind you, they have worked like trojans. The vans arrive around 7.45, straight to work, less than an hour for lunch and finish when it gets dark. And no chat, no music…. The next step is to sand down, though their work is almost perfect, so there shouldn’t be too much of that, then I can get the roller out!

Meanwhile, over in Gite 2, the electrician has been and left his wires all over, whilst we are busily putting up the ceiling plasterboard…

And outside, the newly sewn lawn is looking lush just 4 weeks after it was seeded…

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