Posted by: kathandroger | November 6, 2011


It is curtains for the sheep. We collected the boxed and butchered lamb from Francis, our farmer friend, yesterday. All very efficient, and quickly disposed of to several of our chums who came and collected various portions the same day. We don’t aim to make any money from the animals, and reckon they have done a good job of keeping the pasture in reasonable condition, and provided some interest as well. We don’t have any problems eating them, as I feel if one is a meat eater it is good to know that they have been well kept and cared for. The livers were lovely yesterday, and we have just had some heart and kidneys this evening. The other cuts are in the freezer. The goats will remain for the winter, and seem to be enjoying the lack of competition for the hay and hard food. Here they are watching the departure of their friends.It is curtains for Kath as well. No, she is still with me, but she has insisted that she is going to make all the curtains for the gites herself. She is a clever lady, and proudly brought back some nice patterned material back from Chatellerault a couple of days ago. But the fabrication has been somewhat difficult. It appears that the cloth is not square, and that makes accurate fitting of the linings impossible. Now Kath is not a cusser. I am. Had I been the seamstress the air would have been dark blue with expletives, but instead a gentle air of feminine calm pervaded her efforts. Cool consultations with her husband resulted in efforts at stretching the fabric using metal bars and clamps from our building project. They didn’t work. But then with vigorous application of mathematical principals to the forces involved in rhomboid forms, we tugged the buggers for all we were worth and hey presto-straight curtains! Here she is with the failed clamps and rails method.

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