Posted by: kathandroger | October 30, 2011

Bits and pieces.

We’ve done well this week! Almost ahead of schedule, the new ceiling in the second barn is up and we have fixed the rails and done the insulation above them. How I hate fibreglass insulation. It gets everywhere, and in spite of wearing my sea swimming goggles and thick mask I still seem to cough and splutter for hours afterwards. But it is all in the right position and hasn’t yet fallen down, so we must get the plasterboarding up next week and then do the walls. As usual the roof space was banana shaped so I had to fit new roof beams after marking levels with our borrowed laser, and hack big chunks of wall out to fit the timbers. Great big boys games!

We have winterised the swimming pool now, and I have completed the capping of the surrounding wall. The mason left the wall in lime mortar with a flat surface, and each winter the frost has got in and caused the whole thing to crumble. Our other masons, who did the barn refurbishment, were not at all impressed and called him a “mason de dimanche”-meaning a weekend amateur. Anyway I had some old pantiles which look good now that all is done and I only hope they keep the water out.The clocks have changed this weekend and we were glad of a lie in after a late night dancing in Tours with our French friends. One of them is also a keen gardener and told us we must have our garlic planted before All Saints day on Tuesday. Following orders, we bought some at the market today and after a brief bit of rotavating they are all in the groundIn my next life I shall be a dog and watch other people working all day!

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