Posted by: kathandroger | October 21, 2011

Sartorial elegance?

I always seem to get the dirty jobs, while him outdoors does the clever stuff. Today it was putting insulation in the ceiling. It’s nasty stuff and a mask and gloves are essential. And given I was working above my head, some form of eye protection is pretty essential too. But I don’t get on well with the glasses/goggles – mask combination. Know the problem? The glasses steam up all the time so you can’t see a thing. Then, today, a bright idea…

…swimming goggles! You can breath as heavily as you want and they don’t steam up! And the added benefit of looking so stylish…(am just imagining my mum look at that photo and wondering just where she went wrong!). Must smarten up for tomorrow as I am off to Paris for a girls day out.

Those eagle-eyed folks among you may just have spotted that I am also sporting a New Zealand 1987 rugby world cup sweat shirt. Pure coincidence I may add. Obviously it is highly topical with the frogs facing the ‘Blacks’ in the final on Sunday. We have yet to find a french person who believes France is going to win though. Most appear to be hoping for a narrow defeat…let’s just hope they are right! Allez les Noirs…


  1. Wow ! You are very pretty in this costume !

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