Posted by: kathandroger | October 19, 2011

Grapes grass and gasps.

The figs are finished, the beans bagged, and only a few grapes remain on the vines. Kath has made some lovely juice with them which we have for breakfast daily. But we have a tealeaf attack on the few remaining bunches. Boudie, the all eating hound, has taken a liking to grapes and helps herself when she pleases. I think she may have learned from the chickens, who used to jump up themselves and do the same thing!The new lawns are showing signs of life! After daily watering and lots of cussing at the wandering dog, the first signs of green rest gently on our formerly bald slopes. We had lots of rain last night, so we hope to be playing croquet in a couple of weeks, as long as I can keep the chickens in their new confinement behind the barns.

Now we all make mistakes, some big, some small, and some which make us wonder if we have any intelligence at all. Our new doors have arrived-the extra broad ones for the handicapped rooms in the first gite. I fixed them this morning. The first went well, once I got it vertical, and I then efficiently began fixing the second. I was marvelling at my ability after screwing the door surround to the metal uprights, when the sudden realisation hit me that I couldn’t get out of the room! Gasp! No door handles are fitted, the door was closed, and anyway I had fixed a metal brace to the uprights to keep everything parallel. What a twat. Nothing to do but call the trouble and strife-she was very nice about it all, but I am not sure that the incident will be kept quiet in the future!


  1. Well, at least you got in first with the comment about the door…. that’ll mean that it will only come up when there’s not much on…. a sort of Silly Season filler! Not every time someone comes round… on other matters, I hope to get over to do some Acacia felling in the next couple of weeks… it all depends on our plombiers!

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