Posted by: kathandroger | October 9, 2011


It’s turned a bit cooler over the last week. The pool is now unattractive and the leaves are starting to fall. Sundays are full of hunters blasting the local wildlife to oblivion, and scaring our dog. It is even time to start wearing socks again, and packing away the summer shorts. And with socks is a change of shoes, no longer flip flops and trainers, but proper shoes to keep out the weather. I like my old shoes. They are like old friends I haven’t  seen for some time, and each pair has it’s own character and charm. Today it was my old green brothel creepers, soft, experienced, and caressing my little plates of meat with a gentle familiarity. They were retrieved from the bottom of my wardrobe covered in dust and crumpled unlovingly, but after a brief and vigorous brush they were fit for service for yet another year. I was in footie heaven at the market today.

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