Posted by: kathandroger | October 9, 2011


The quart has gone into the pint pot. Nicholas. the sparky, has put all those wires into a box. What a clever chap.

The plumber’s been too, connecting up pipes and making various holes…hopefully in the right places. So we can now finish off the final bits of plasterboarding on the big barn.

Meanwhile, Roger’s been busy outside – he’s made 24 steps behind the second barn and we’ve prepared the ground, seeded and rolled it… ready for our lush lawns to grow.

Evelyne on the tele said it would rain today, so we’ve been raking and stone picking like mad things over the past few days. And what’s happened? Not a drop! And no rain for the next week at least. Oh well, at least we have a well, so can water the ground. The bigger problem, however, is the chickens. Having had the run of the grounds for a while now, they were not happy when Roger confined them in a relatively small area yesterday ( though most chickens would consider it heaven!). Ours are spoilt, so have spent all day escaping. They even escape to the patch of ground formerly occupied by their house to sleep at night…even though it is no longer there…stupid birds!

Speaking of stupid, I was feeling a bit bullish the other day about England’s prospects in the rugby quarter-final against the french. Rashly I bet a bottle of champagne on an english victory with one of our cycling club friends, Bernard. A former bank manager, Bernard told me he didn’t bet, but I managed to persuade him. Now it seems he has a taste for gambling and is looking for another bottle on Wales vs France….!  Any takers?

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