Posted by: kathandroger | October 1, 2011

The Blaydon Races

Over the summer Roger and I were again involved in the Wednesday evening play at the local caves. Today was the celebration picnic. As with all things here, it was a picnic with a difference. For a start we were all instructed to come in hats decorated on a ‘paysan/gardening’ theme… Everyone most certainly obliged…

So everyone had interpreted the theme by decorating their hats in flowers or vegetables…except Roger, whose mind seems to work differently! Here is his masterpiece, rustled up in 10 minutes before we were due to leave…

The other thing about the picnic was that it was somewhat itinerant. We started up at the site of prehistoric habitats for our starter, before redonning our head-gear and making our way down through the woods to one of the troglodyte caves where a big pot of boudin noir (black pudding sausage) and beans was bubbling away. As it was 30 degrees outside, we were all very pleased of the cool provided by the cave. Here we all are tucking in…

It was in the cave that a bit of singing started up. Now, in our play we were required not only to speak french (of course), but patois – a local dialect. So it was time for a bit of revenge. What better than to introduce the locals to a bit of Geordie – the Blaydon races! I’d prepared songsheets and suddenly there seemed to be quite a bit of trepidation in the room as most are not english speakers. I got them to sing the chorus and I’m not entirely sure all was articulated in perfect north-eastern twang, but they did get  to grips with ‘…to see the Blaydon races’ rather well and that seemed to be pleasing to all! (I have to say Roger didn’t master much more and we’d practiced the night before!!).

All in all it was a fine day out. The food was wonderful, the hats spectacular; the weather was stunning and we got the French to sing the Blaydon races. What more can you ask for?

One little aside that made me giggle…   When we were serving up the black pudding sausage, someone asked for just beans and there was a discussion about not eating meat, to which someone responded in all seriousness ‘ well that’s not meat..’. Not easy being a veggie en France!


  1. It was a very good picnic !

    • Yes it was a good time and it was enjoyed by us all. We hope to have another party next year.
      Oui, tout le monde avaient passé un bon occasion. Nous espérons qu’il y a un autre l’annee prochaine. Peut-être tu peu écriver un peu en plus en anglais et je réponderai en français! À bientôt.

      • Dis-donc tu triches !

  2. yves, it was a very good day !
    Difficile pourtant de parler le patois anglais ! lol

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