Posted by: kathandroger | October 1, 2011

Electrical spaghetti, fuel and fumier.

The sparky came this week to sort out the wiring of our first gite. He’s a lovely man who just gets on with his job and always brushes up afterwards, leaving the site much cleaner than we do! But how does he do it? Here is the bunch of wires he is going to put into a little control box next week.I’ve heard of getting a quart into a pint pot, but how do you get a kilo of electrical  spaghetti into a matchbox? Time will tell.

We had some fuel oil delivered yesterday. Kath found a cheaper supplier in St Maure, and a smiley chap turned up with his big lorry and did the job with great efficiency. Incidentally I always ask the chaps if they would like a cup of coffee, and the French always reply “if you want”-It’s you who’s having the coffee old chum, so why ask me? I must be missing something in translation. Anyway, the nice chap gave us a calendar from his firm, and it’s only in France that a fuel and chimney sweep company could also specialise in fine wines!We plan to sow a new lawn next week, and have just had 30 tons of topsoil delivered. Kath is going to have fun with her wheelbarrow and rake! The provenance of the load is murky, but does it not pen and ink? The chap told us it contained lots of fumier-manure, and the gentle aroma of old horse poo pervades our very existance. It’s also very sticky and lumpy, so I guess we will have to take up the offer of a mini digger to distribute it all. Am I not good to my wife? But at least our beasts our happy. Boudie pops out for a snack now and then, and the chickens love it!

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