Posted by: kathandroger | September 18, 2011

High walls and harvest

One of Roger’s strengths is his ingenuity when faced with problems. We’ve been putting up the very high walls in the barn (just under 4 m) and I was having trouble reach high enough to fit the insulation into the partition walls. Why not use the pitch fork, suggested him indoors. I wasn’t convinced, but agreed to give it a go – and what do you know…? It worked a treat!

He then added ‘I bet you are the only woman in the world who at this moment is putting up insulation with a pitch fork!’ – he certainly knows how to make a girl feel special!!

It is peak harvest time here at the moment – both in the surrounding fields and chez nous. The sunflower fields have been  cleared and the maize is going the same way. We are still struggling to keep on top of our tomatoes. Today I made a huge pot of sauce for the freezer, but I reckon there must still be a good 50kgs of fruit waiting to be picked… The grapes, as reported last week, are ready and the figs have really come into their own over the past week. Most of the apples are now in too. Next….walnuts. I noticed yesterday they are opening their green shells and popping out the nuts. 

Lucky we have visitors coming soon…wonder what they’ll be doing?!


  1. Well, I am here in Missouri putting up insulation but in an attic so it is a “on your hands and knees job” which is painfull especially when one hits the rafters with one’s head.
    By the way, I noticed that CAFC were top whereas Boro had slipped to second.
    Cheers, Tom

  2. Rather than filling the freezer, Kath, try bottling. Pauline’s made tomato ketchup and pasta sauce this w/e… we do it every year. We have occasionally missed a bottle for a couple of years, but it is still sterile and tastes fine. Saves freezer space and is ready for use in a trice.

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