Posted by: kathandroger | September 6, 2011


Not every day can be full of fun and happiness. Today has been quite the reverse – empty and sad. Yesterday our wonderful friend Eileen died suddenly and prematurely. It has been a huge shock to all. Eileen has been  in my life since I was small and I have had the privilege of enjoying a close and special relationship with her over the years. She was one of life’s givers, always thinking of others, kind and generous. When she had troubles of her own, she preferred to keep them to herself so as not to burden others with her problems. In her professional life she made a difference to literally thousands of young people and adults across North Yorkshire. She is going to be missed enormously by many.

Our great shock comes from the fact that Eileen was always so fit and well. She visited us 10 weeks ago and was as full of life as ever. I’m so pleased she was able to come as at least I have many happy memories – seeing her disappearing off up the road on the back of the quad bike, out walking Boudie of whom she was so fond, stringing up the garlic, dancing at the local village fete… She loved it here and we loved having her. At the airport I said to her to come back soon and see us; she replied that she would come back tomorrow if she could. If only she could…

Eileen, you were a dear, dear friend and you will be sorely missed, but you will always have a place in my heart.


  1. Thank you so very, very Katherine. I find it difficult to reply for the tears. There is no doubt that Eil thoroughly enjoyed her stay with you and it saddens me deeply that she will never enjoy your generous hospitality again. She never stopped talking about her short adventure as part of your much bigger adventure. She came back full of everything you are achieving in France. She was so proud of you. As you say it was a huge shock which has left a massive hole in the lives of many not least in mine. Have a safe journey.

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