Posted by: kathandroger | September 1, 2011

24 hours and a Perfect Pair.

We are going to a French friend’s 60th birthday on Saturday. Now the French  like to celebrate important birthdays with a bit of a show from friends, and this one is no exception. We are going to sing special songs for him and put him in our boat. To arrange all this frivolity we had a rehearsal last night. Our naivity is still profound. We expected a short meeting (Kath thought for about an hour max.), but after the rendezvous at 7pm, we waited for all the others for about an hour, then arrangements were made for the meal! Luckily we had brought some eggs as a gift for our hostess, and after 44 eggs-yes 44 in an omlette for 15 people, then the cheese and then the puds, we were able to start the meeting. I’m not sure what we decided, but it was an enjoyable evening and we were home just before midnight! We look forward to the party.

Today has been hard graft but lots has been done. Plenty of placo erected, the vent pipe for the septic tank connected and buried, and the lawn cut. It was not a real hardship for me on the sit on mower, but after stopping on one side of the lawn for some grapes,  then another for some plums, and then a good apple, I began to think what a trial living in France has become!

The garden continues to produce and here is an example of a fine pair of onions, grown from seed. The others are drying in gite B and will be strung on stout cord shortly.


  1. Some onions you’ve got there, Kath

  2. Well done Kath… they look great onions… I’ll tell Pauline.
    We tried [sorry… Pauline tried… I do the heavy landscaping and planting of big things… I tend to kill anything smaller than a courgette sized plant] Pauline tried onions from seed in the UK… but none like those! Although they did win first prize at our allotment show.
    Pauline’s been sorting the Turbo this afternoon. Looks like no Onion Fly on those… the overwintered Sturon suffered terribly.

    • Lovely photos Tim! I knew a chap in Dorset who wrote a book about Kingfishers, and took all his snaps near our local river Stour. He spent over a year almost full time to get enough good shots so you have done very well. I envy you the river valley and all the different birds you see. All the best, Roger.

      Read our blog at

  3. très coquine cette photo ! lol

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