Posted by: kathandroger | August 25, 2011

Jobs we’re not looking forward to…

We’ve been beavering away in our barns over recent weeks and have now finished most of the plaster boarding. Unfortunately we’re now down to the jobs we really haven’t been looking forward to. We thought a mezzanine in the lounge area was a good idea – and indeed it has made moving things upstairs much easier. However there is a part of the wall we need to plasterboard, but it is very, very high! Luckily a friend has kindly leant us some scaffolding that enables us to reach high enough, but we are still to work out how we actually get a sheet of plasterboard onto the wall…

Oh well, I’ll leave that up to the ingenuity of my clever husband…that’s his department!

Speaking of him outdoors, he’s been tackling another job he hasn’t been looking forward to today. When the masons tidied up they got a bit over enthusiastic with the digger and covered up the ventilation from the septic tank…not a good idea! Luckily we (that’s the roayal ‘we’ of course) managed to dig down and find it, but now ‘we’ have to dig a trench the length of the barn and lead it up the side of the building. Here is Roger sizing up the job with Boudie chipping in with her views on the matter…

A little step forward as well today – the kitchen arrived! Admittedly it is still in ‘kit form’, but it feels like a bit of progress…

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