Posted by: kathandroger | August 18, 2011

Old tools, new uses.

Like most manual workers, on leaving my old job I found I had gathered a few tools of the trade. They are all of the finest quality, though now showing their age-much like their owner. But some have become invaluable to our new building efforts, and here is a selection.On the left is a bone chisel. Very well made and almost indestructable, but  no longer used for taking lumps out of bone; it is ideal for removing nails with only just the head showing and for general bashing about.  On the right is a plaster shears, used for removing plaster of Paris from varying limbs (interestingly the French don’t call it plaster of Paris, but I have forgotten what they do call  it !). It has found a new use for chipping small wedges out of plasterboard. Next to it is a pair of Gilles push button release needle holding forceps, a very useful bit of kit now used for general small gripping jobs, and especially good because of its powerful clamping mechanism. Lastly the Trocar and Cannula-the eagle eyed will note that I have misplaced the sheath attachment. This sharp instrument was used for plunging into people’s chests to try and release fluid in the chest wall and improve breathing. Sometimes we hit the right spot, but not always! Anyway it makes a superb bradawl for shoving through plasterboard in case of geographical failure in trying to find the plasterboard supports behind. Needless to say, all instruments are thoughourly sterilised before use and Kath and I wear theatre dress before using them.


  1. Ah, the push button release needle holding forceps – I’ve never forgotten them…

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