Posted by: kathandroger | August 14, 2011

Magic marigolds

We are in full tomato harvest at the moment. The crop is both bountiful and delicious!

Inevitably we are having lots of tomato salads and today I put 8 portions of tom sauce in the freezer for those pasta sauces in the winter. Whilst the tomatoes have been amazing, the marigolds we planted alongside them have been equally as impressive…

As well as being pretty, the main reason we planted them was to keep the bugs at bay. It would seem that they emit a strong smell that keeps green and black fly away. Certainly no flies on our tomatoes! It got me thinking what else we should plant together to ward off trouble in the garden and here are a few things I came up with that are probably worth a try:-

Grow sage with carrots or plants in the cabbage family to ward off pests.
Both have strong scents that drive away each other’s pests.

Plant nasturtium with cabbages – they’re a magnet for caterpillars that will
then leave the cabbages alone.

Garlic planted among roses will ward off aphids.

Plant carrots and leeks together on the allotment or vegetable patch to
protect against a number of pests. Leeks repel carrot fly and carrots repel
onion fly and leek moth.

On another gardening matter, we wrote a few weeks back about our problems in getting our runner beans to set – well no such difficulty now – we are inundated…

It seems that moisture is the key. A friend told us that if the beans aren’t setting the tip is to spray the flowers with water. With the weather we’ve had over recent weeks, nature has done this all on its own!


  1. Hi – some great tips. I also spray my runner beans as well as tomato plants. It just ‘feels’ right – makes it more like the action of rain.

    I’ve also found that planting cloves of garlic around the edges of beds keeps slugs away (well to some extent). In my garden in Le Chatelier we have an amazingly low number of veggie-eating slugs – this is the main reason I live in France.

    Thanks again for your facinating blog.


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