Posted by: kathandroger | August 7, 2011

Hair of the Dog and other tails.

Boudie, like other females, often becomes over hairy. We usually shear her several times in the summer to keep her cool, but due to a problem with our electric cutter she had become a walking hearthrug. My attempts at sharpening the cutter blades had been spectacularly ineffective, and after losing one of the blades in the mechanical depths of my rotary sander we felt we needed professional help. The nice lady in our pets grooming shop in Descartes offered to do the job for 48 euros in two weeks time, but also gave us the address of a firm in Tours who fix anything with blades. What a nice place. The staff were lovely, the service excellent and in no time we have three  servicable cutting blades. I foolishly tested one on my legs and now have a tramline which will no doubt be admired widely by the cycling club next week! Anyway the job is now done and we have a skinhead dog again. She loves it and can run about without having a carpet on her back. But what to do with the hair? We are insulating the gite roof at the moment and some will go in there, and then I think I will lag the boiler. Here is the spoils looking like a little dog-or at least I thought it did!

Dogs tails are wonderful bits of kit. Although boodie’s has been docked it is still of reasonable length, and is a wonderful indicator of mood. Here it is in happy and unhappy modes, the latter just before she had to stand on the garden table to be sheared.  Life would be so much simpler if we all had such obvious mood signallers. But come to think of it we males have an advantage there!



  1. tu vas pouvoir tricoter des chausses pour Roger !

  2. Why not pass it all on to a spinner and then get a pair of socks made from the result?

  3. I always leave my beard trimmings out for the birds to use in their nests.

    • We have very fussy birds round here – we left out all Boudie’s lovely fur from her March cut thinking it would provide perfect nesting material. The ungrateful little things didn’t touch a bit!

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