Posted by: kathandroger | July 30, 2011

Treading the boards (again..)

As last year, we are involved in our local play again. Well, I say a is more a series of scenes, depicting life through the ages in the troglodyte caves carved into the side of the hill in the village. We are about 25 villagers all dressed in period costume – one scene is the school, one with the priest, one the shopkeeper, another the hemp weavers – all showing how things were in the mid 19th century. Once again I have the part of Mme La Baronne, largely bossing people around (which according to my husband is not too much of a theatrical challenge….). Here I am with the school children and the hemp weavers…

Roger, on the other hand, has the same costume, but has switched sides from last year. St Remy lies on the ancient French/English border in Richard the Lionheart times and this year he is an English peasant, one of Richard’s men, attempting to prevent an attack by the starving French. He may be English, but he still has to speak French, and the local dialect to boot! He certainly looks very fetching in that hat…

On the home front it has been a week of work and trips out. We are always delighted to have visitors, especially ones that like insulating walls and moving about 150 sheets of plasterboard! Here is the delivery that arrived on Monday…

It hasn’t been all work though; we have let our visitors out from time to time! We popped down to a fabulous little place on Thursday called Angles sur L’Anglin, which is officially one of the most beautiful villages in France. For a relatively small village it has a bit of everything – beautifully preserved medieval streets, a castle (ruined), beautiful river, amazing views, loads of history and one of those classic little squares where you can watch the world go by (in particular watch car chaos around the narrow streets!). Here is the views up from the river – a real gem!


  1. quelle énergie! vous êtes sur tous les fronts !

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