Posted by: kathandroger | July 12, 2011

The joy of power tools

In our previous existence Roger used to go on and on about power tools. He seemed to need dozens of the things. I just used to smile, having no idea what he was on about. There wasn’t much call for such things in management consultancy… But that was then, and this is now…

Here I am having fun with the angle grinder (not sure the bare legs are the best idea??). I’m starting to appreciate the fact that ‘you can never have enough power tools’, as Roger would say. May favourite, though, is the gas gun that our electrical has lent us…

I particularly like this one as it is a bit temperamental and seems to require a gentle feminine touch (it doesn’t seem to work for Roger, much to my amusement!). Perhaps I was a bit hasty in binning all those Screwfix catalogues after all?

Anyway, this is the result of our work today…just like adults’ meccano!


  1. Bravo!
    Is this metal the framework for studded walls, for which one would previously have used wood?

    • Hi Gaynor, yes, it is the ‘wood replacement’. It still doesn’t seem to be used much in the UK, but over here everyone uses metal. On an old building where nothing is square it does make life much easier!

  2. Love the first picture. Loving your blog

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