Posted by: kathandroger | July 3, 2011

Tournesols and goat update

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by fields of ‘tournesols’ – flowers that turn to the sun…ie sunflowers. At this time of year the countryside is a vibrant yellow which contrasts beautifully with the blue skies we have been enjoying all week. Sadly, they don’t last very long, but this is what they look like when at their best…

…and here with La Belardiere in the background…

Changing the subject, a few people have asked us about the well-being of our livestock, given recent injuries and escapes. All good news to report, I’m pleased to say. The chickens (all 6) are in fine fettle, and Bob, Betty and Smokey have integrated well with the others. Only problem is that they have taken to coming into the kitchen, which is not to be recommended! The 4 remaining sheep are well too. Minty has a big scab on her side and doesn’t look to pretty, but is at least maggot-free! And the goats have not visited the neighbours for over 2 weeks now. They seem content with their new abode. Here is Tittie having a snack on an acacia tree, showing off why she is called Tittie…

And as for Moins Dix, just as the sheep man said, he prefers sweets to acacia leaves!


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