Posted by: kathandroger | June 20, 2011

Bats Birds and Butterflies.

We are knee deep in our plasterboarding at the moment and I don’t enjoy it. All that lifting up and screwing in, and nothing is square in the barns,especially the walls, and so extra bits have to be sawn off and the whole lot remounted. Thank goodness for our local wildlife..

The swallows in my workshop have had their first brood. All five left the nest last week and only one committed hari-kari by flying into a wall. Here they are after having left the nest and there is mum-note the long tail of the mature swallow and the less impressive ones of her youngsters.The butterflies are around in huge numbers at the moment, especially the marbled whites-here are some on lavender, but they love the scabious in the sheepfield. Funny thing about the marbled white-they belong to the family known as browns, and are nothing to do with cabbage whites etc!

In our back kitchen (really an old lean-to) we have lots of bats, who live, I think, in the roof. We often seem to have young ones and here is one little chap who I found crawling around on the floor. I know very little about bats, but they are very small and I think they are pipistrelles.

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