Posted by: kathandroger | June 18, 2011


Over the past 3 weeks Roger and I have learned a lot about ceilings! Now we have worked on an old barn I think ceilings in new builds must be un morceau de gateau…Oh for a straight wall! Still, I think we’ve done OK. The insulation arrived on Tuesday, and with the electrican coming on Friday, all had to be in place by then…

One of our ceilings is over 4 metres high, which is quite challenging! Here are the 2 upstairs ceilings, with the new beams Roger has put up to give us at least a chance of having things straight…

Then on Friday we went to pick up the leve-plaque, a contraption to help you lift up and position the plaster boards on the ceiling. It is a marvellous thing! Goodness only knows how you do it without one of these? Here is Roger with the very first plaque…

The other top tip – we invested in a little thing (technical term there) that fits to the end of the drill to ensure the screw head penetrates the correct distance into the plaster board each time… according to Roger, it is the best thing since sliced bread!

Our animals are still giving us cause for concern. On the positive side, the goats have not escaped for 2 days, now the field and wood resembles Colditz. On the negative, poor Minty hasn’t been so well today. We got the sheep man over to have a look and I’m afraid she was not in good condition. We think Moins Dix may have caught her with his horns/butted her and the gash became infected. Amway, she’s had a good dose of drugs and been cleaned up, so lets hope she fares a bit better than old Bitten did!


  1. Where do you guys get your energy?! I love the leve-plaque contraption so much I’m thinking of buying a bigger/taller house! Good luck to you both with your on-going adventures. Best wishes, Jim

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