Posted by: kathandroger | June 11, 2011

Les cyclos and the goats

As a very keen cyclist, I love the attitude of the French towards cycling. It is part of the culture here and most people seem to understand the sport even if they are not regular participants. One of our recent experiences when out with the club was for an old lady who was doing her gardening to stop work and clap us as we went past. This weekend there is a big cycling event locally with several hundred cyclists from all around France descending upon Chatellerault. Yesterday our club was responsible for handing out the ‘dossiers’ to those who had booked with various lunch and dinner tickets, route maps etc. Today, we had the pleasure of making 500 + sandwiches for the mid morning snack at local Leugny village hall!

The club has gone to considerable trouble to make the visitors welcome – dozens of old bikes were painted and decorated and positioned around the town of Dange. The effort seemed to be much appreciated by all! Rather than being stuck in the village hall, I managed to get a prime spot directing traffic in front of the impressive church at Leugny, in the sun…and with the help of Boudie..

Many of the cyclists today were certainly no spring chickens. One particularly impressive 82-year-old lady is a regular of these events and trundles around the 80+ km circuit quite happily on her own. It turns out she only took up the sport at the age of 67! Anyway, our turn tomorrow…

Back at home, things have been fraught with worry this week since the arrival of our new goats on Monday. On her arrival Tittie headed straight for the woods and could not be persuaded out to join up with Moins Dix and the sheep. We thought it best to let her find her own feet. On Wednesday we thought it was time to encourage her out…but we couldn’t find her. An hour of searching the wood proved fruitless. Perhaps she’d jumped the fence, as our mason Jean-Marc told us she would. But what would we say to the sheep man? Would he take back Moins Dix, thinking we were irresponsible owners? Losing a goat after just 2 days is pretty careless after all! But a little while later our neighbour Pam thought she’d seen a goat answering to Tittie’s description…was there hope? Again I scoured every corner of the wood – and then suddenly there she was, hiding in a gully, virtually impossible to see. Relief, but she still wasn’t for coming out and joining in with the others. Then, on thursday Moins Dix, the gallant goat that he is, decided to go and look for her. He must have bleated something that struck a chord because out she came and the two of them have been inseparable ever since! Perhaps the start of a beautiful romance? Watch this space…

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