Posted by: kathandroger | June 6, 2011

New arrivals

Following our lambs and chickens, the latest new arrivals at La Belardiere turned up today! The sheep man had already talked to us about the possibility of his 6-year-old billy-goat, Moins Dix (when he was born it was minus 10!) coming to live with us. We’re still not sure if it is permanent arrangement or whether he is just here for the summer, but I’m sure all will become clear at some stage. The said sheep man popped round this afternoon to say he had a female goat too that he’d like us to have. Pourquoi pas, we said. And so Moins Dix and Tittie were delivered shortly after. Here is the fine specimen that is Moins Dix..

It seems that he is rather partial to sweets, not sure which sort, but I’m sure we’ll find out. He also has spent most of his life with sheep, so settled in straight away with our little flock. Tittie, on the other hand, is more of a goat girl. She headed directly into the wood, hence the lack of photo. She’s a bit of a rescue goat; she was a milking goat, but sadly has lopsided teets (one very large and one very small), so has been retired from the profession. Never mind, she is very welcome with us!

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