Posted by: kathandroger | June 4, 2011

When will it rain?

For someone from the north-east of England it seems rather strange to be praying for rain! But things are getting fairly desperate here. We remember having a day of rain in April and a few minutes in May, but that’s about it. Any storms that have occurred over the past couple of months have skirted around us and the effect is to have parched earth and brown grass…

The Vienne is one of the 54 departments in France on drought measures with water reserves below the level they usually are at the end of the summer in some places. The farmers of course are particularly hard hit; there are sunflower fields around us that are just not growing and in the Limousin area people are talking of culling their cattle as there is no grass left for them to eat. We are allowed to water gardens, but only in the evenings apparently. And in actual fact our potager is doing pretty well – we had our first courgettes last night, the garlic is ready and the broad beans,  peas and strawberries finished. Nonetheless, a few days of rain would be very nice!

Despite the heat (30 degrees in the shade as I write) our latest new arrivals – Bob, Betty and Smokey – have finally settled in. It took them 2 days to dare to leave the chicken house, but they have now ventured out, though there is no mixing with the ‘old girls’ yet..

Work on the barns has been a bit slower this week as Roger has been grappling with beams and rafters for the upstairs ceilings, while I’ve been sanding and treating beams. All very messy, but that’s no problem with Roger the cleaner on hand…!

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