Posted by: kathandroger | May 28, 2011

The plaster boarding begins

Now that the masons and carpenters have finished their work and the exterior of our barn is complete, it was time for Roger and I to get cracking with the plaster boarding this week. First of all we had to attach the rails to the rafters, to which the sheets of plaster board will be attached. I think our masons are a little unsure whether we know what we are doing ( perhaps they are right??), so we had regular visits from Jean-Noel to check we weren’t doing anything too silly and to give us tips along the way…very useful! Roger assumed the role of works supervisor of course, leaving me as his lackey to nail just under 400 bits of metal to the rafters…

We were both pleased with our efforts, having completed the ceiling rails for the downstairs…though the upstairs is a whole lot more complicated…

A few days ago we wrote about the redstart who had laid her eggs in a nest right next to where the masons are bashing away at the wall. There are now 5 hungry chicks who she is feeding constantly despite the ongoing disruption. Here they are awaiting their mother…

We’ve also been delighted to have a couple of sets of visitors this week. One couple, Andrew and Maureen, arrived from the UK on their tandem, so they couldn’t miss out on our Wednesday morning club ride. He we all are in front of the chateau at Le Chatelier.

I’m not sure whether it was the ride, but they were very keen to head off early the following morning in case we invited them again!!



  1. Hi , just came across your site after returning from our little holiday home in the Vendee, we feel so stupid as we have more or less agreed to a devis for a partial new roof and a couple of Velux put in. Our stupidity comes when we assumed that the devis included the plasterboarding was done by the carpenter. From what we can gather all he is doing is putting up a metal framework on the ceiling and around the room for the boards to go on….just like your picture! Our question is….can you please tell me which tradesman would do the plasterbarding?!! Decorators? other carpenters? our french is obviously not as good as we thought! If you can find the time to reply please respond to Many Thanks, Sally

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