Posted by: kathandroger | May 22, 2011

Le bricoleur

As those of you who know Roger know, he can turn his to most odd jobs even if he has absolutely no experience! When he told me he was going to make a proper garage to house his open top car and a few other bits, including building a couple of walls, I did have a few doubts as to whether the walls would stand up… but I certainly shouldn’t have. Either he’s learned a lot from our masons or he is a natural as it was his first attempt at something like this. And I have to say, the results are very impressive!

First he had to remove the big old barn doors (sensibly he got the masons to do that for him!)…

Being solid oak they were incredibly heavy, so manhandling them around required some ingenuity (of which Roger has lots!). Then there was measuring up, putting the hinges and fittings in the right places, cutting to size and finally hanging (again, the masons came in handy there).

Then to the wall. He seems to have become a fan of the lime mortar the french all use and so he set off gathering stones and plastering…

He even managed a bit of a personal touch…

Even Boudie was impressed!!!!

Great job Roger!


  1. I’m impressed; Roger obviously has every practical, handyman skill I don’t have!

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