Posted by: kathandroger | May 17, 2011

Au revoir Nousnous…

That’s it – he’s gone! No more big bad belier. The chap we got him from last year agreed to buy him back and bring us 4 new lambs to start eating some of the long grass that has grown despite the drought conditions. Actually Nounous was quite a character and we’d have love to have kept him, but the head butting had just got a bit too much. And despite a tinge of sadness, it was a relief to be able to walk around the field again without the prospect of sheep attack. Here is he with the sheep man and Roger just before the departure…

Note that he is sporting the Roger Prior patented sheep hood which has been invaluable of recent months – the sheep man seemed quite amused, and even impressed by it. The new arrivals were offloaded…

Fortunately they all seem like regular sheep, unlike our Nousy. Then the time came, he was unceremoniously shoved into the back of the van and he was off. For some unknown reason the sheep man then offered us his 6 year old castrated billy goat for the summer (though he had to check it out with his wife first)…maybe we’ll stick with the girls for now, they’re easier!


It is a quiet week on the building works this week as the chaps are on holiday again (they get 8 weeks in total – the effect of the 35 hour week – running a small business in France must be a nightmare!). But there was a rush of activity on Friday as the concrete lorry paid us another visit, this time driven by our dancing friend Claude, and they laid the concrete on the new terrace for Gite B and also on the lounge floor…

Actually, we had a little break ourselves at the weekend. It was our cycling club’s trip away to Royan (just north of Bordeaux, near Ile d’Oleron). Not surprisingly eating and drinking featured as highly as the cycling, but nonetheless the latter was very enjoyable. It is a part of France neither of us know so it was very interesting to discover the pretty villages, the countless oyster farms and the lovely beaches. Cycling is such a great way to see the countryside – and in the 220 kms we covered we had chance to see quite a bit of it! The drought was quite noticeable across the region as entire fields of sunflowers are struggling to make their appearance. Unless it rains soon it is going to be an extremely difficult year for the farmers who are banned from watering their crops. Anyway, here we all are at 8.00 on sunday morning just about to set off…

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