Posted by: kathandroger | April 30, 2011


  1. It was a lovely morning today. At last we had some rain; last night it poured down for a few minutes and we could almost hear the plants sigh with relief. My two women, Kath and the Boudie, both decided that 8am was much too early to get up and stayed asleep. The orchard was fresh and fragrant, and the chickens looked pleased to see the new day. I have refurbished their house, almost to the standard of our barns, and the two eggs were clean and dry. There is something about newly laid eggs. The surface has a delicate almost exotic feel and they fit in the hand beautifully. When we store them we write the date on them. In pencil.
  2. Writing on eggshell in pencil is a pleasure which I am sure not many people appreciate. Perhaps I am just a weeny bit strange!

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