Posted by: kathandroger | April 28, 2011

Barn converted!

Spot the difference…

The first picture was taken a few days before work began in November and the second this afternoon. What a transformation! When you are living with it and seeing it evolve it is difficult to gauge the amount of change that is happening, so looking back to the pre-work photos is fascinating (for us at least!). Before work began, the barn had some fairly significant cracks in the external walls, which we were never sure whether we should worry about. We never really did, which turned out to be the right response as behind the exterior cladding there were no cracks at all and the walls were sound (apart from a bit in the gable that Jean-Marc informed us was falling down – then a couple of hours later he returned to report all had been fixed – what a great man!).

It has to be said that the barn is not actually converted yet – the outside might seem finished, but the interior still needs some (a hell of a lot) of work…


Now it is up to us to get on with the plaster boarding and internal partition walls. We’ve marked the bedrooms and bathrooms out today and even worked out where the beds will go – very exciting!

Speaking about exciting, it is obviously a big day tomorrow somewhere in London (By the way, French TV is going crazy – most of the news was dedicated to the wedding this evening and there is coverage all day tomorrow…what happened to their republican credentials??), but we’ve had our own big day today. Boudie is 6 – and she looks great on it! Bottoms up Boo…


  1. Wow! Very impressive looking work.
    I’m sure the inside will look just as good. I’ll look forward to seeing it ……..

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