Posted by: kathandroger | April 25, 2011

Naked Nounous and rats in trap

Big Bad Belier Nounous has been sheared. It took a team of shearers several hours, but the job is done! Actually our visiting neighbours, Steve, Sarah and Sophie, all lent a hand and between us he was turned over, his legs tied and the deed done using my old shears and Kath’s kitchen scissors. I wasn’t the most popular of shepherds for using the latter instrument, but it worked well, and he was relieved of several kilos of fleece in about 20 minutes. We could see the cause of his rubbing against the gateposts-he had loads of big ticks in his sides, all looking fat and contented. Skin damage was minimal as well, both his and mine, and no elastoplasts were needed, unlike some of my previous efforts! Shearing has emphasised both ends of the animal; his big solid aggressive head and his big solid and pendulous masculinity! Here he is before and after.

We have had rat problems recently. Chickens always come with rats, but they seem to have been breeding especially well this spring and we have seen loads in the barns and around the chicken house. They have learned to jump onto the suspended chicken feeder, and are generally becoming a real nuisance. John Marc, our mason and sage in all things paysan, tells me that they have a litter every month, each averaging six rats. That makes lots of rats in one year! So ratman Rog sprang into action, and I caught a few in the rat trap, but found that the rats then nicked the trap! Boudie helped me find it once, dragged several metres away in my workshop, and still containing a corpse. I now anchor it with wire. Rat poison seems pretty useless-it is all eaten but seems to have little effect on the population (rats that is). But one bonus, which even impressed John Marc, was this trapfull, caught the other morning, three in one go!


  1. Trapman Rog is very talented when he could catch mouses and rat. Well done !

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