Posted by: kathandroger | April 23, 2011

Out to lunch

The hospitality of the french never ceases to suprise and amaze us. Yesterday we were at one of our local markets, St. Maure (of goats cheese fame). As often happens, we were stopped by someone who noticed Boudie, our seemingly very attractive Airdale terrier. We started to chat and it turned out he used to have an Airdale that lived to 16 and was his pride an joy. Having stroked and doted upon her for a while, we said our goodbyes and parted company. 20 minutes later we met up again at the cafe and resumed our chat, this time broadening out beyond our canine friend. After about 10 minutes we had exchanged phone numbers and had been invited to lunch today!

Having consulted our map we discovered the gentleman in question lived in a small chateau with about 50 hectares of parkland and when we got there we were certainly not disappointed! The situation, the house, the food and the company were all wonderful! Roger met his match too – he was boasting about his windsurfing prowess, only to discover that our host’s partner had competed in the french championships several times and went to Brazil for 3 months each winter to be with her windsurfing professional son! And Boudie had a wonderful time exploring with River the host’s golden retriever!

After that our farm seemed a little on the  small side; but there is quite enough for us to do! The masons have virtually finished the big barn and indeed came in force on thursday (7 of them) to do the facade. First they covered it with lime mortar….then spent all afternoon scraping it off again. We are really delighted with the result and when the windows man comes next week it will look like a proper house…

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