Posted by: kathandroger | April 20, 2011

Spring beauty

It has been beautiful again today and being a Wednesday it was cycling this afternoon with the club. The countryside is an absolute picture at the moment and one of the real gems of this time of year is the glycene, or wisteria. They seem to be in virtually every garden, adorning every wall! We have 2 of our own – one small one that we found behind an overgrown jasmine and a huge one which must measure a good 10 m across. The lady who lived here for 40 years when it was a farm popped by the other day and reckoned it must be about 50 years old! Here it is in all its glory…

I think it is my favourite tree, though it is a pity the flowers last such a short period of time. Actually, it is more a vine than a tree and can grow to an enormous size, wrapping its stem around any available support. The biggest in the world is in the US and measures an acre!!

Meanwhile, back to the barns. Things are progressing well – the masons have almost finished their work in the big barn. Just one little problem this week – the stones for the dormer windows that had been specially ordered were the wrong size. Nothing else to be done than chip 4cm off them all…not a fun job in my book and looking at Jean-Marc I think he was of the same view!

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