Posted by: kathandroger | April 7, 2011

Beautiful Birthday.

I had another one today. They happen every year at this time and I don’t like them anymore. They make me older. Isn’t it strange that when we are young we want to be older, and when we are older we want to be younger? But today was lovely. Not a cloud to be seen and the warm springtime sun soon became the warmest day this year, almost 30 degrees. The birds were singing, and the swallows are looking for their nesting sites in the barns. I saw a Black Kite today, and this evening heard a Nightingale in the orchard. We planted some onions and carrots this morning and all Kath’s seedlings look good in the little greenhouse. She took me out for lunch in the village, and then we visited a delightful old couple who live nearby and own a small bit of “our” wood. In France land ownership is always complicated, and it seems that lots of properties have small “parcels” in them that are owned by other people, often handed down through the generations. Anyway, we were told down the grapevine that the owners want to sell the land, hence our visit. We were made very welcome in their lovely bungalow, and given the customary wine and nibbles. We learnt lots about the history of the village, and Kath even commented that my French was intelligible (though naturally I was informed of my numerous grammatical errors). The upshot is that we will buy the land, but neither couple wants to give money to lawyers, so we will draw up a contract between us.

Next treat was a trip to the bar in Descartes which has a fishing tackle shop attached to it. I was allowed to buy hooks, line and floats, and felt just like it was my birthday. What a lucky boy! Then it was back to graft with Kath painting the office walls, or rather trying to paint the office walls, because my spraying attachment from the compressor became a little temperamental. So did Kath.

The masons and charpentiers are here in force now and are making a lovely job of the Dormer windows-we thought they are called lucarnes in French, but the professionals call them “chiens assis” or sitting dogs-much more interesting. Here they are in all their glory.

Next it was dancing classes and then a tasty pizza-a lovely day. Thanks wife!


  1. Happy Birthday, Roger ~ from Jim & Sandra

  2. Happy birthday !

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