Posted by: kathandroger | March 23, 2011

Cuckoo delayed by no-fly zone?

Last year we heard the cuckoo on the 19th March. Given that this year spring has sprung much earlier we reckoned we would hear the dear old chap around the same time, if not earlier. But no. He hasn’t arrived back from his sojourn in Africa over the winter. We wondered if he’d been caught up in the no-fly zone over Libya…but then the swallow has made it. Perhaps he’s just late!

We were out on our bikes this afternoon cycling around the beautiful lanes of south Touraine and everything is bursting into life. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky (apparently there wasn’t a single cloud over France today, according to Evylene on the tele) and the hedgerows and gardens are decorated with all colours of blossom. The daffodils are still in full bloom and are now being joined by various wild flowers – the cowslips are just coming out along the sides of the road…

The above is actually just one daffodil, with several heads. I’ve never seen one before, but we have quite a  few this year (don’t remember planting them!) and they are very pretty!

This has been the year of the violet so far. I’ve never seen so many – in several places it looks like someone has laid a purple carpet in the grass! I suppose it has something to do with the lovely weather we’ve been having so early in the season?


The first butterflies – the brimstones – are out and about and we even had a little chit-chat in the lounge the other day. I suspect he may have been there all winter, hibernating. So, Mr Cuckoo, everything else is happening….where are you?

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