Posted by: kathandroger | March 21, 2011

When the cat’s away.

Kath has been away for a girl’s weekend with her chums. In Luxembourg. I had to manage all alone for the several days, with only my faithful hound for company. My heart bled from the outset, but summoning all my powers of survival, I managed.

Friday was spent with a working party at Ethnicite-our local village exhibition site which includes an area showing prehistoric building techniques. The project for this year is to build a large shelter from the local Oak trees and to roof it with vegetation gathered in the area. But first the site needed to be cleared. Hard graft! I set to work with my ancient shrub cutter (no, it wasn’t the wife-she was in Lux!), and after several hours I had a huge pile of varied herbage which then had to be burnt. I love making big fires-big boys games, and I could get as dirty as I wanted because the boss was away! We then had to starting cutting some Oaks down, and removing the roots. Again lots of graft and lots of winching of roots, but in the end, after a long lunch with plenty of wine, we had made some progress. We even had time to add a primitive frame for the roof of another dwelling alongside the site. Work finished at 6.30 and I was cream crackered.

Saturday was distinguished by the Judo Club dance in the evening. Another typically French event which was supposed to start at 7.30, but really got going about two hours later. Being “celibataire” for the weekend was a new experience for me, but I was delighted to be invited to some friends for drinks before the event. It was a close call, though, as messages had been left for me on the computer, and it took some time and many repetitions until I understood the directions! A good evening, and I was even in bed before 2am.

It was a matter of pride to go to the local market as usual on Sunday morning, after a late night, and it was lovely to meet so many friends, English as well as French. On returning to the car I was summoned by Michel, who lives nearby, to join them for lunchtime drinks and nibbles. What a tough life we have. After a couple of hours I managed to get back home, spend another couple of hours on the bike and then take the dog for a walk. And I saw my first swallow of the summer! A lovely day and Kath’s train was even on time when I picked her up in the evening. Yes, of course I missed you terribly darling!

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